Experimental observations

They serve you to get to know your effective faith and to gain new insights into your being.

Observing - an ingenious ability

This means attentive awareness. What is perceived is not evaluated. During this non-judgmental observation, thoughts arise in the mind. They are the language of the mind.

Feelings as the language of the body are messages and are therefore neither bad nor good. You tell us something. But we can feel them as pleasant or unpleasant.

In this way of observing, we 'listen' to our mind and body. We receive essential information, the consideration of which helps us in all situations.

Experimental observation  2
Are you interested in a relationship with someone you find attractive?

· Not sure if you're a good match for him/her?

· Don't you feel beautiful or rich enough to please him/her?

· Don't you think you have to be particularly intelligent to come across well?

Have you already checked whether this person suits you?
How do you know if he/she cares about how rich you are?
don't you fall - Do you like yourself the way you are?
Did your father and mother like you even if you didn't always do what they expected of you?

Experimental observation  1

Do you drink a lot of alcohol or eat too much fast food on a regular basis, even though you "know" your body is suffering?
What are you secretly assuming:
· that it's not so bad in your case?
· that you still have enough lifetime to make up for it?
· that reports about the dangers of alcohol and fast food only dramatize anyway?
· that you just don't need to pay attention to it, then your body wouldn't notice it either?
· or that you don't manage to change your behavior?

What makes you sure you can't do it?
Where does your belief come from that you don't have that power over yourself?