Belief Power Blog

How we decide and act in daily life is largely controlled by our effective belief. It is formed from our deepest and mostly unconscious basic beliefs. Our faith decides what is attainable and unattainable for us.

This makes it a powerful ability in our way of life, which has a number of special features:
What we believe or what we are deeply convinced of

  • is beyond any doubt for us,
  • need neither be proven nor become
  • before which capitulates human wisdom and intelligence.

In order to use this ability in a self-determined way, we have to observe it.

That is the topic of this blog.

Only in the eighth decade of life - on a small island in the English Channel - I was able to become aware of my most important concern in life and to formulate it.

It has moved me since childhood and has become the common thread of my life. Its influence didn't let go of me, even though I wasn't aware of it for decades. This unconscious concern drove me - in my relationships, in my professional activities, to different places in many countries.

Again and again I struggled with the consequences of my life routines, broke with them, only to realize after a while that I still wasn't where I was drawn to. What I felt as a burden in my current situation, I discover today as a gigantic gift of my own development.

This concern was to use the power of my faith - beyond all religions - in a meaningful way.